A personal program designed to help you become
your own coach
in the following areas.......

Self Esteem
Self Confidence
Goal Setting
Time Management
Wellness Planning

Maida Berenblatt
Maida Berenblatt,

M.S., counselor and consultant in personal growth and wellness planning, draws on her experience as an educator and psychotherapist to weave changes in all aspects of life.
She has appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, twice, as well as many other talk shows.
Maida most recently served as a Wellness Planning Consultant
for the Avon Center at Trump Tower

Alena Joy Berenblatt is a writer, editor, and designer with a master's degree in journalism.

We are all on a lifelong journey of
mind-body-spiritual development.

There are many distractions  
and obstacles along the way...

It is helpful to have
a compass
for a direction

You have the power to turn the key and take charge of your life.




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As Seen On "Oprah"

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