A Pathway to Spiritual Renewal

Maida Berenblatt & Alena Joy Berenblatt

Who are you? Where have you been and where are you going? So begins Changeweavers, the important new book on self-improvement and change by self-esteem experts Maida Berenblatt and Alena Joy Berenblatt (Health Communications, Inc., $10.95). Chapter by chapter, Changeweavers explores the premise that many of us get stuck in previously-formed beliefs and then teaches us how we can get unstuck by honoring our own spiritual self.

According to the authors, "Self-portraits are formed early in life, then carried and implemented into adulthood without examination, creating patterns of low self-esteem and poor self-image." Often we stay stuck in this self-portrait and as adults, we construct our worlds and form important relationships based on impressions of ourselves we may had since age seven. In order to become "unstuck" we need to become changeweavers.

Achieving success and getting unstuck is a four-step process:
  • Look at previously formed belief patterns that motivate adult behavior.
  • Acknowledge the areas in which you are stuck.
  • Believe that you can change.
  • Honor the power of your own spirituality.

We all perceive the world in our own unique way, and Changeweavers takes us back on a journey through our childhoods to the core of our "inner child." With this experience we can examine which behaviors cause us to act and re-act in our adult lives. The authors contend, "The lesson of self-worth that we learn in the formative years is probably the greatest gift that we can bring to ourselves in our adult years."

Changeweavers teaches us that ultimately the relationship that we have with ourselves provides the foundation for developing our spirit. In order to affect change and develop our own spirituality, we need to move closer to our core and away from outside shapers. These "shapers" include other peoples opinions and evaluations, media influences, power struggles, and toxic relationships.

Changeweavers is a collection of stories and exercises that include positive examples of emotional and spiritual development as well as ways to effect change in families, the workplace and relationships. Changeweavers promises an exhilarating and exciting adventure. It is a journey of self-discovery designed for the inner self.

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