How to achieve wellness of mind

Everyone has three I's
Intelligence....your ability to reason
Insight....understanding connections
Intuition....your hunch about people and events
These three dimensions are to be trusted in the search for health and happiness.
Disharmony and imbalance are caused by conflict
between your inner feelings and your external presentation.
The closer the gap between how you truly feel and how you appear to feel
is the degree to which you are in harmony with your world.
When you allow interference or influence from others,
you invite doubt, indecision, and possible conflict.
Trust who you are, what you think, and what you feel.
You are trustworthy.

Self Esteem Builders

Make an appointment with yourself every day. Keep it.

Design your day.

Appreciate your own nature.

Keep your schedule posted in the family area.

Unresolved conflicts and stress can lead to sleeplessness, restlessness, and change in appetite.

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