A spiritual moment is one in which you are in tune with
the pulse of your body and the rhythms of your thoughts

A multitude of moments make up one day:
one painting, one story, and one act of kindness.
Imagine a blank canvas facing you with a palette of paint and a brush in your hand.
There is flow of energy from your mind's eye to your hand to the palette of paint and finally to the canvas. In that moment, in that flow, you are in harmony and rhythm with your being.
Be present in the moment.
Do not live in the prisons of the past or the magical thinking of the future.
Be here now.
Take the time to examine the miracles in nature:
The outline of a leaf, the texture of the bark on a tree,
and the many shades of green that unfold in the Spring.
You are part of the UNIVERSE and the UNIVERSE is part of you.
That makes you a unique, valuable and worthwhile human being.
Begin and end the day with thoughts of gratitude.
Small miracles happen every day.
Go on a treasure hunt and find them.
When you look at a tree,do you ever think it could be more of a tree if it were taller
or fuller or thinner?
You too were created to be just who are.
Self acceptance is one step toward spiritual development.
Learning to listen to your own inner voice, without judgment, is embracing spirituality.
Give yourself the same amount of compassion and understanding
that you extend to someone you love.
You already possess everything you need for a nourishing, fulfilling and peaceful life.
Your work is to uncover your gifts.
Schedule time during the day for quiet reflection.
Leave your workplace for this private time.
Think of something you volunteered in order to help someone.
Value that kindness and generosity in your character.
Examine a flower in every detail-the shape, subtle shades, the texture, the smell,
and the top and bottom of each petal.
Be present in this moment with no other thoughts,
but this flower.
When you secretly intervene or manipulate someone else's experience in their life journey, you are committing spiritual malpractice. Stay focused on your own experiences.
It is important to define your own life experiences
by your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Do not allow anyone else to define your journey.
In developing your spiritual self, social service is the guide.
Try lightening the line between the helper and the helped,
the teacher and the student, and the leader and the follower.
We are all in the same place.
Note your responses to these questions :
  • When do you have a sense of solitude and enjoy the company of yourself?
  • Where is your sanctuary in which you can find peace ?
  • How do you refresh and revitalize your spirit ?
Learning to listen to the similarities and the differences
in the voices among us is another step
toward spiritual awareness.

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